Sometimes you hear a band and it just clicks. Everything making total sense upon the first listen.

Mixtape #2

Issue #2 includes a mixtape again. Since the zine is out as of today, I should put this out in the open right away. Check it out.

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Nice! Interview with the guy who did the Supertouch artwork is finally ready and will be online on Monday. Together with some unseen ’88 Supertouch photos.

Bad Brains

After receiving a package from Reflections today, filling some holes in my Bad Brains collection (amongst others) I remembered I downloaded a nice unreleased & live collection by the Bad Brains on Blogged & Quartered yesterday. Totally forgot about it. If you don’t know about that site yet, you will remember about it after this: … Continue reading Bad Brains

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[b]America’s Hardcore vol 2 compilation LP[/b] Let’s just say I wasn’t that impressed by the compilation… Picked it up for the Supertouch track. Not their greatest track ever, but still a Supertouch track, so good by default 😉 [b]Warren G & Nate Dogg – Regulate 12″[/b] Saw someone listening to it on Facebook yesterday. I … Continue reading Reply To: playlist

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Haha. Even though I like Supertouch, I just like all the other bands I mentioned a lot more. Aside from that, I divided the comp into two groups of some kind; emo on one side, and hardcore on the other. I came to the conclusion that Supertouch didn’t fit in, in one of those categories.

My Rifle – s/t 7″

My Rifle, with members of band such as Life’s Blood, Absolution and Supertouch, managed to write a great and modern-sounding hardcore/crossover 7″.

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Sounds good though! I changed my mind about V3 by the way. I’ll be updating the current site at this server to V3 this weekend. Site will still be unavailable for some time though. Moving to the VPS will be done at a later stage, when I properly thought out how I can do that … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

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That Alabama Shakes song is good indeed. Gets spins on 3FM too. Aside from some promo’s coming in, I picked up a couple of CD’s for in the car: Quicksand – Slip Quicksand – Manic Compression Blood For Blood – Outlaw Anthems Maximum Penalty – Life & Times No Warning – Suffer, Survive (aside from … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

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Supertouch & Beyond both are pretty original bands, but this sounds rather similar 😉 Both from ’88 I think. [youtube]aifl8IdBwTM[/youtube] [youtube]b9_JQcTjr6w[/youtube]