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From hell is dark and gloomy, but so cool! Way better than the movie. So much it makes you wonder if this movie is actually based on the comic. But that’s a problem I have with more movies based on books/comics.

No Way Out – Dead Ends

No Way Out are from Melbourne, Australia and play devastatingly heavy hardcore that will make you want to arm wrestle Robocop.

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Next to From Hell I’m also reading Michael Connely. I’ve just finished City of bones and started in The black echo (after figuring out that it’s a serie, I decided to start with book 1…). This stuff is of the easy to read, hard-boiled detective kind off book.

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In the works: SATURDAY – This Is Hell interview by Callum MONDAY – State Of Mind stream of the new record by Pim TUESDAY – Amebix review by Maurice WEDNESDAY – Shouting Street Audio Cassettes interview by Scott

Thanks! it took me almost 15 years to get my collection (i still have about 200 cd’s) but now i am trying to get them all on vinyl which is an even greater challenge.. Still sold some more so the list below is all that i have left for sale. regards Roy Agents of man … Continue reading

Dead To Me announce new record

Well known touring monsters Dead To Me have a new album coming out on Fat Wreck Chords. Bassplayer Chicken adds some details.

Useless Distribution

USELESS DISTRIBUTION Useless Distribution is an online shop of hardcore, metal, … music. We distribute, wholesale, …. everything that can serve music cuz music is our passion. Thank you for support NEWS OCTOBER NEW IN STOCK Touche Amore “Parting the sea between brightness and me” LP NOFX “Hardcore” 10″ Nine Eleven “City of quartz” … Continue reading Useless Distribution